Olympic Village Dog Walking

Dog walking plans that suit you and your dog's needs!

We service the 'greater' Olympic Village area

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We work with you and your dog's schedule

Olympic Village Dog Walking has several different weekday plans to work with your particular dog's needs as well as your schedule. We know how important it is to get our pups outside for a quick P+P or a good play and exercise in the park even when you are busy. We are here to help.

We Come to You

We will come to your home and pick up and drop off your dog after each walk.

Convenient Schedule

We find a time to walk your dog that is convenient for everyone's schedule.

Rain or Shine

Dogs need a bathroom break and to be walked rain or shine and we happily do both.

Fun & Exercise

We guarantee a fun and comforting experience for your dog during their walk with us.

ODVW Safety

Safety & Protection is our priority

OVDW is pet first aid certified, bonded and fully insured to protect you and your dogs.

Our Dog Walking Plans

Save 5% on all our 20-visit prepaid packages!
Or pay-as-you-go with any of our walks.

Need a quick P+P +TLC?


The Quickie is a perfect plan when your dog needs a P + P break, a little exercise, & some petting. For those times when you are busy or not home. Great for all dog types.


$332 - 20 visit pre-pay package, Save 5%

Included: A (P+P) Pee and Poo break, 30 minutes of walking and petting with play. Rain or shine.

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Fun & Exercise


Designed for dogs who need personal attention & stimulation. 60 minutes of walking and play/exercise time outdoors. Off-leash options available.


$570 - 20 visit pre-pay package, Save 5%

Included: A (P+P) Pee and Poo break, 60 minutes of walking/exercise/petting, rain or shine.

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A group walk & play


With an emphasis on positive socialization, this plan is great for dogs to get out and play together, exercise, and be stimulated. Maximum of 3 dogs per walk.


$380 - 20 visit pre-pay package, Save 5%

Included: 60 minutes of walking/socializing Rain or shine. Only available for noon to 1pm starting times on weekdays.

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Payment can be made by cash, cheque or EFT ( Electronic Funds Transfer )

Our regular hours are Monday - Friday 8.30 am - 4.30 pm
Please see our FAQ's below for weekend, evening and public holiday services and conditions.

OVDW second dog

Second dog in the same household?

Add only 40% to any of the above rates when both dogs are walked at the same time and are from the same household.

Dog Sitting Plans

This service can include some or all of the different service levels, as well as feeding, grooming, and generally being a part-time companion to your dog in your home while you are away. We get together to discuss your particular needs and then provide a personalized quotation.

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Dog Sitting Plans
Custom Dog Plans

Custom Care Plans

Do you have a have a dog with special requirements? We can create a Custom Care walking plan that suits you and your dog's needs.

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Service Area

Service Area

We happily serve all dogs in the "greater" Olympic Village area.

Defined as:
1. West of Main
2. South of Georgia Viaduct to 2nd Ave.
3. North of 2nd Ave. to Seawall
4. East of Cambie St. Bridge

We may consider provding our services outside of these boundaries, as long as it is not too far away from our core srevice area.

OVDW service area map

Getting Started

Pick the plan you like and then contact us, it's that easy.

meet icon

1. Meet at your convienience

We come to visit with you and your dog on a "No obligation" basis at your home, where we proceed to complete a questionnaire about the "do's and don'ts" and other relevant information about you and your dog.

discuss icon

2. We Discuss the Right Plan for You

We discuss the level of care you require, obtain an owners statement of the dogs temperament, confirm that medical shots are up to date, and complete a Veterinarian Release Form in the event of an accident or illness while in our care.

walk icon

3. Let's All Go for a Walk

As a part of our getting started process, we recommend a brief complimentary walk to get to know one another and you can explain any special needs your dog may have.

agree icon

4. Create a Plan & Sign Off

If all is mutually agreeable, we begin the association by signing the Service Agreement and make arrangements for the first walk.

mailNeed more info? Send us an email!

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The FAQs

Some commonly asked questions about our services!

puppy stuff
How do I pay?
Payment needs to be in advance by cash, cheque or e-transfer from your bank to our bank.
Do I need to drop off/pick up my dog?
As long as you live in the "greater"  Olympic Village area (as defined under "service area") and you will allow us access to your home, we will pick up and drop off for no extra charge.
Are OVDW services available on weekends, evenings, and public holidays?
Yes, but with some conditions as follows;
a) only occassionally, meaning not on a regular basis.
b) we need reasonable advance notice.
c) subject to availability.
d) A 50% surcharge on regular rates applies.
What protections do you provide my dog?
We have completed a Pet First Aid course, are bonded against fraud and insured as dog walkers through Sovereign Insurance Co. Since we do not walk more than three dogs at any one time we are not required to be licensed by the City of Vancouver.
Do I need to supply anything?
Yes, a regular leash for walking control (not the extendable type please) and any treats you may desire. You may also wish to provide a coat or raincoat in the event of cold weather or rain, a dry towel for us to rub down your pet when we return home. Poop bags are on us!
What about my dogs particular preferences?
At the time of applying for our services we complete an extensive questionnaire of the "do's and don'ts of your dog. We then attempt to accommodate these preferences as best we can, limousines excluded!
Do you service outside of the Olympic Village area?
Generally speaking we do not, however, if your home is within reasonable travelling distance from our normal service area, there will be an additional small travelling charge.
Do you offer pet sitting services?
Yes, we do. It is usually a combo of our basic services and always assumes your pet will remain in your home under our supervision while you are away. Costs will vary depending on your specific needs. Please call for a free consultation.
What if I have two dogs - what are the costs then?
If the cost for the first dog is, say, $30 for the service, then the second dog ( from the same household ) will only pay an additional $12 (40%) for the same service at the same time. e.g. $30 for the first dog + only $12 for the second dog = total $32 for two dogs.

About Us

Dogs, community and connecting.

Bill and Vonnie Bennetto are one of your many neighbours who own a dog (ours is Arne) , and we have met many of you and your dogs, even though we may not know each others names. At least not yet. Is it not amazing how, in owning a dog, we connect with so many more people who we may not otherwise have any interaction? Same with dogs, except they seem better at it than us, in that they are constantly aware of each other, both positively and negatively, but always honestly! Therefore, we have a modest mission in our small business; it is to promote connection between dogs and dogs, humans and dogs, and humans with humans, in our greater Olympic Village area.

Bill Bennetto


Retired small business owner, experiencing slight boredom with retirement, finds a new social interest of fellow dog-owners in the Olympic Village area. Says Bill "In my 35 years in Vancouver, I have not met a more dedicated group of neighbours as my dog-owning friends in the Olympic Village. There is a real sense of community here. It makes sense to provide a dog-walking service to them.


ph: 778 316 1755

Vonnie Bennetto


Friendly, and fun loving, we settled in the Olympic Village area a short year ago and feel like I've lived here for years. I enjoy the wonderful sense of community here in the village and must say I'm particularly partial to dog owners and of course their precious four legged friends, namely "dogs". Being able to get to know the other dogs of the Olympic Village is a rewarding privilege.


ph: 604 781 1076


Boss, OVDW Mascot

I'm a six year old Jack Russell cross, with long legs. I'm very handsome, as all you female dogs in the village are aware. I was rescued from Oakland, California, and found my "furever" home in the Olympic Village, with my mom, Vonnie and my dad, Bill. Even though I find Vancouver very wet and cold, I love all my new neighbourhood friends, both big and small. I'm pretty easy going, and love a good play with my human and dog friends!